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I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, on May 15, 1985. My first approach to photography may have been through film, since I was a kid I liked to watch movies and since then I have been curious about the images, their construction and their power to communicate emotions. In 2006 the interest in the images brought me closer to graphic design, starting to study the technique in design at the School of Social Communication (UTU). In 2008 I took the introductory course in photography at the Uruguayan School of Photography and Video (EUF) and it was from that moment on that I began to engage with photography in a more direct and profound relationship as a tool for communication and personal expression. In 2017 I finished my degree in Visual and Plastic Arts at the National School of Fine Arts (IENBA) and I am currently working as a photographer and freelance graphic designer. Throughout these years I have developed a special interest in street photography and the possibility of portraying and documenting life on the streets spontaneously.