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Guido is visually impaired and a quite slow photographer. He loves to create interesting stages and can be quite patience until he got the right shot. Everyday he has a cam in his hand.

He started doing Streetphotography 1992 during his travels trough Europe and Asia, even without knowing this Genre exists. 2016 he got infected by street virus again.
Guido can´t define his style very well, because he is constantly developing his way of expression.
He loves to play with light, colours, forms and reflections of the city landscape in relation to the human being. For him a good shot is not only well composed but also have to tell a story or conveys an emotion.

2018 "Café Marie", Hannover, Germany
2019 „Raum für Photographie“, Hannover, Germany

Featured by „Inspired Eye Magazine“ 2018, and "EYE-Photo Magazine“ 2019